Mayor of Nikaho's message


As a result of mayoral election, I am in charge of the municipal government administration by mandate of the citizens of Nikaho. I will surely do my best in making Nikaho a city where we live with a smile on our faces. I will work hard in anticipation of our citizens’ future.


Our community has shrunk because of the severe decrease in the local population. This has caused the people of Nikaho to lose their confidence and pride.


Politics must be for the people. To live our lives happily, people should be able to trust each other, and move forward all together hand in hand. It is important to recover our citizens’ confidence and pride.


So, it is our aim to leave this city which is richly endowed with nature and culture, as a prosperous place for younger generations, I will lay out the framework for overcoming our difficulties as one cohesive Nikaho team.


My four public promises are:


1. To make dreams come true for our young people.

2. To see Nikaho citizens with natural smiles on their faces.

3. To make investments for the future in our primary industries.

4. To create a city filled with constant energetic interactions among our people.


I will take measures consistently based on these slogans.


I will address the challenges straightforward. My basic stance is to “Listen to people, and offer support to them”. With a sense of speed and urgency, I will do my best to develop our city as rapidly as possible. Your understanding and cooperation will be truly appreciated.