Mayor of Nikaho's message


Seeking to build our new "Hometown" of vitality

 With your warm support, I became a mayor of new city of "Nikaho".
 Difficult situations persist in both municipalities and central government. For example, the population ages and fewer babies are bourn. The economic recovery is delayed. I became a mayor in turbulent local conditions such as administration reform and decentralization. I keenly sense the grave responsibility.
 I was a one of 3 former town mayors who have been involved town merger. So I must make every single citizen happy with the new hometown of "Nikaho". I declare following four basic points.
 One, I will utilize advantages and characteristics of each former towns. Two, I will develop our city with residents participation, not at the municipal initiative. Three, I will secure the fiscal administration to make an active expansion of projects and services. And four, at any time, I will provide administrative services friendly to seniors and people with disabilities. I seek to promote industries and to enrich welfare with previous items as a feature. I presented the municipal measure of 90 articles in 6 areas in the form of "pledge".
 I strive to complete each measure steadily. I will realize "dream inspiring city", "affluent city" and "energetic city", which are basic philosophies for city development, so that you would be glad of town merger. I would greatly appreciate your participation as well. Residents play the principal role in city administration. You are expected to combine wisdoms and to join forces.
 Times are changing dramatically. I will strengthen city establishment which responds to any changes flexibly. I also exert every possible effort to create our new "hometown" of vitality. Your further support and encouragement will be greatly appreciated.