Japanese Class(Translated without automatic system)



 The volunteers are supporting foreigners in Nikaho by having the Japanese class on Saturdays 9 a.m. - 11 a.m., at the Kisakata Community Center.

 This class not only for learning Japanese, but also for knowing each other's countries, so it is wonderful oppotunity for both of foreigners and citizens of Nikaho.

 You're always welcome to join us!

Time and Date

9 a.m.-11 a.m., Saturdays


Shichokakukenshu-shitsu (Audio-Visual room), Kisakata Community Center


  I. Basic class (1)
 II. Basic class (2)
III. Intermediate class


> Classes are free, but the textbooks cost you about 5,000 yen in each class.
* Advance reservations and required.

Information and Application
Section for Promotion of Community Interaction, Planning Division, General Affairs Department, Nikaho City Hall
TEL 0184-43-7510