Outline of Nikaho city(Translated without automatic system)


Outline of Nikaho city

Embraced by the Sea of Japan and Mt. Chokai

 "Nikaho city" was born on 1st October 2005, by the town merger of Nikaho, KONOURA and KISAKATA. With Mt. Chokai down south and the Sea of Japan in the west, Nikaho is a scenic city nestled in sea and mountains. It extends 23 km long from north to south and 17 km wide from west to east in the south-west part of Akita prefecture with an area of 242 sq km.

 Mt. Chokai rises just from the coast. The majority of citizens inhabit in the costal plain. The climate is mild. Spring comes here first in the prefecture, and it snows less as well. With Route 7 and JR Uetsu line running in the city, Nikaho is a south-west entrance of the prefecture.

4 beautiful seasons

 In spring, the cherry-blossom front goes up north from Misaki Park and Seishi Park to Nikaho Park, where people enjoy the flowers.
 In summer, the Sea of Japan brings a bounty like oysters and sea-urchins. Local events make your summer time memorable.
 In fall, refreshing wind blows pampas grass at the foot of 15 windmills in Nikaho heights.
In winter, fishing ports are energized by sandfish fishery and codfish fishery. You can see "a carpet of Buriko (sandfish egg)" on a beach.

History, Cultural Heritage and Industries

 Nikaho has both traditional culture and latest technology and is abundant in resources. Rich natural environment and historical heritage supports "Tourism". "Fishery" receives a bounty of the Sea of Japan. "Industries" take advantage of high technology mainly producing electronic parts.
With a population of less than 30,000, it is a compact and efficient city that communities have been united and have been working in cooperation with each other for garbage disposal, sewer and fire fighting since before the town merger.

Basic philosophies for City development

Dream-inspiring city

 We set out to build a city that we feel proud of, and each citizen stays healthy with hope and dreams.

Affluent city

 We set out to build an attractive and harmonious rural city, in which we have rich natural resources such as bountiful green forests and beautiful clear streams. We enjoy benefits of economic affluence and spiritual richness.

Energetic city

 We set out to build an energetic city. With a global perspective and international partnerships, we are willing to try anything new.

Population of Nikaho

Population of Nikaho city as of the 31st March, 2010






Number of Households



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